Saturday, September 11, 2010

Montreal's PodCamp going on strong today and tomorrow

It's been a busy month in the Montreal Social sphere as we wrapped up the Montreal Wordcamp and now in the very heart of the Podcamp sessions. A few points I found useful in CT Moore's and Brian R.'s sessions.
  • It's not a matter of social versus search but rather social with search. The fact that search offers cold recommendations and social media offers hot recommendations, obtaining a blend of results is what marketers should be striving for. It makes sense to me as this represents the purchase process from recongnition of need, to research, to preference and ultimately purchase.
  • The advent of Facebook connect and the mass amounts of information it gathers seems to be hurling us into a narrowing of what the web has to offer. If all of your search results are guided by your own profile plus the preferences of your extended network, then there's a narrowing of what you will have access to.
  • If you want to opt-out to the narrowing of the infinite shelf space that the web has to offer, it's important to regularly clear your cookies, clear your cache, log out of your profiles and try searching again.
  • When selecting how much resources you should devote to social and search, make sure you consider your target market. Where are they looking for you? And consider how your target market will evolve. They might not be social now, but there will come a time where a shift will occur. Remember, your target audience changes over time.
Over all great sessions this morning. When I get home, I will provide the links to the websites and authors of the session.


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