Monday, March 23, 2009

What the heck happened, Facebook?

We used to have so much fun together. It was easy to find my events, and look up my friend's walls. I could randomly go through photo albums and revisit old memories.

For the few friends that wanted to spam me to boredom with the "Do you think I'm hotter than Jocelyn Wildenstein?" apps, I could blissfully block all their future requests without curbing their enthusiasm.

But now, I'm assaulted with conversations of friends between each other, my feed is polluted with quiz results and I can't figure out if I got a message sent to me privately or on my wall.

Facebook, we used to have a good time. Heck, I even got your help in setting up a very successful and memorable 30th birthday party. But now, I think it's time we spend some time apart. Maybe see different social networks, who knows, maybe I'll come back, but for now... Don't call me... I'll send you a tweet or two.

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