Thursday, March 26, 2009

A slice of marketing wisdom by Ian Laurie

I found this little gem of a blog post about 38 things he wished he had known when he first started in marketing.

My favorites were:

No one has a clue how to market anything. We are all winging it. It's just that some are better at winging it than others.

I really couldn't agree more. Winging it better comes with having more experience. Being a good marketer is all about trying and learning from failure. Can't bear to fail? Then marketing isn't your cup of tea.

That which you doubt becomes a trend. When I started, I hedged my bets that this internet thing was a fad by writing copy for print pieces, too. Cough.

Again, I've dismissed Twitter as what he described in point 4 - farts in the wind. Obviously, I was wrong, but so is almost everyone, most of the time.

Marketing is really, really, really messy. It's like painting your cat in peanut butter and then tying a bell to its tail. Stuff gets everywhere. That's OK.

I'd add to that cat analogy a massive ego and a shape warping mirror. It can get darn right messy.

Have some fun, and a sense of humor. As a marketer, ridiculous things will happen to you every day. You're going to have to roll with it.

A sense of humor is absolutely required! Otherwise, you'll lose your mind.

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