Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If you're tellin', you ain't sellin'

A great line I learned from the very wise guru Ganesh in a sales training workshop. Something rang true to those words, and helped me become a better marketer.

A bad salesman will be able to occasionally sell to a client while dazzling them with big fancy words, and flaunting knowledge. Unfortunately this kind of selling often leads into contract cancellations and unused products and services.

In this down economy, it's never been more important to treat the sales process as a diagnosis exercise. To give proper diagnosis of the issue at hand, the art of asking the right questions and drilling to the heart of the matter, is what will make you and your company look like heroes.

Asking the right questions and listening for cues on pain points is where sales opportunities are made. Even the most stoic prospect can be broken with sincere concern and interest in why they initiated contact in the first place.

Over sell, and you'll be on the short list of items to cut. Under sell, and you'll miss out on being the good doctor that saved their business with your solutions.

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